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Five Signs That You Need a Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement

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Caring for your swimming pool involves more than weekly cleanings and chemical balancing. You must also pay attention to the liner around your pool walls and floor. Above-ground and inground pool liners have a lot of similarities, but inground pools have a thicker liner to reduce the possibility of puncturing or tears.

Everything from the type of pool you have to pool size can affect the longevity of your inground or above-ground vinyl pool liner. Environmental factors like allowing pets in the pool, extended periods between cleanings, and a significant amount of debris in the pool can also diminish the lifetime of your pool liner. If you notice these five signs that you need a vinyl pool liner replacement, contact the best pool resurfacing service in Eustis to maintain the integrity of your pool frame, save on water waste, and prevent erosion.

1. Discoloration

Pool liners experience years of chemical cleaning and sun exposure, eventually leading to fading or discoloration. You may also notice stains that won’t come out, no matter how hard you scrub at them. Besides making your pool an eyesore, discoloration indicates that your liner has weakened and may start cracking or tearing.

2. Leaky Liners

While evaporation lowers your pool water height, any drop of more than an inch in less than 14 days indicates that you have a leak. Leaks not only raise your utility bills as you fight to keep the water high enough but can cause erosion around your pool, endangering its overall integrity. If you notice a leak, plan an immediate vinyl pool liner replacement.

3. Cracks or Tears

Tearing, ripping, or cracks can develop with regular wear and tear. If you notice pool liner damage, you can count on it increasing in size, causing more water to leak out and weakening your pool liner in other places. Water leaking into your pool’s structural frame may cause it to rust, warp, or slowly erode.

4. Rippling or Wrinkling

Your pool liner should have a smooth, bump-free texture. If you notice wrinkles, ripples, dimples, or other irregularities in your pool liner, you may need to replace it soon. Most of these textural problems point to more significant issues with the installation and condition of your pool liner.

5. Liner Won’t Stay In

The liner bead edges your pool liner and links into a track around the edge of your pool. If your liner bead pops out, place it back in the track and keep an eye on it. Liner beads that refuse to stay on the track indicate a problem with the elasticity in your liner, which may require attention from a pool specialist or a new liner installation.

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