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How To Know The Pool Pump Size You Need for Your Pool

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When summer rolls around, you’re ready to enjoy your beautiful swimming pool, but is your pool ready for you? Maybe you need pool resurfacing services in Eustis, or you’re wondering if your pool has the proper equipment. If you don’t have the right pool pump size for your pool, you might notice dirty, poorly filtered water. Understand the equipment your pool needs and learn which pool pump is the best fit for your pool.

What Is a Pool Pump?

Your pool pump is the main component of your pool’s equipment system. It circulates pool water to make it cleaner and healthier for you to swim in. All the parts of your pool pump work together as one to help your pool function properly.

Horsepower or Gallons per Minute?

Your pool pump’s horsepower (HP) means how much power the pump uses to push water through your pool’s filtration system. Your pool’s flow rate refers to the number of gallons your pool pump is able to circulate through your pool per minute (GPM).

Your pool pump’s maximum flow rate should match your pool size, usually ranging anywhere from 40 GPM to 80 GPM. The HP of your pool pump usually ranges from .75 HP to 3 HP. Shoot for a higher GPM flow rate for your pool pump than is required to reduce the wear and tear of your pool equipment.

Calculate What Pool Pump Size You Need

 Consider the size of your pool and the amount of water it holds. Once you know the desired flow rate of your filter, you can figure out which pool pump is the best fit for you.

  • Calculate the amount of water your pool holds. You want to circulate all the water over eight to ten hours.
  • Divide the number of gallons your pool holds by the eight hours it needs to circulate. This will give you the gallon-amount of water that needs to circulate each hour.
  • Take the answer from above and divide that by 60 (since there are 60 minutes in one hour). That gives you the GPM, or your pool pump’s flow rate.

Remember that your pool pump’s HP and GPM should directly correlate. You want to choose a pump with the right HP for your pool size, but too much HP will cause your equipment to not function properly.

You can also opt for variable speed pumps, which you can set to different speeds for your pool, spa, or fountain. Though they are more costly that single speed pool pumps, they are energy efficient and will save you money in the long run.

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