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What Do You Do With Swimming Pool Cracks?

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Do you have cracks in your swimming pool? Call Clements Pool Services & Remodeling at (352) 735-4878 for expert help.

Concrete pools last a long time with proper maintenance. However, cracks may appear around and inside the pool over time. Common causes of these cracks include changes in the soil structure and poor craftsmanship in the original pool design.

However, a swimming pool crack is not enough reason to panic. Repairing the cracks is a straightforward job in many cases.

The Main Types of Swimming Pool Cracks

There are two main types of swimming pool cracks. They include:

  • Crazing or check cracks. These are superficial cracks as a result of cement shrinkage in concrete pools. These cracks don’t cause any leaks.
  • Structural cracks. These cracks can appear horizontally around the pool floor and walls. The crack will run through the concrete and cause significant water loss.

The good news is that you can repair these swimming pool cracks. As a leading pool resurfacing contractor in Eustis, FL, Clements Pool Service & Remodeling knows the most effective ways to remedy cracks in concrete pools. We’re happy to pass them on to you.

How to Fix Cracks in Your Inground Pool

Below is a look at different ways to fix cracks in your inground pool:

For Crazing or Check Cracks

  • Use a screwdriver and pool putty. Scrape the surface of the crack with a flathead screwdriver and cover every inch of the crack with pool putty.
  • Use a vinyl patch. If you have a vinyl liner pool, you can fix minor cracks in the pool with a vinyl patch kit. Cut out a circle or oval shape from the vinyl patch at least ½ an inch bigger than the size of the puncture or crack. Put some vinyl glue on the patch and seal the crack or puncture. Rub the patch tightly to ensure complete adhesion.
  • Use a fiberglass repair kit. This approach is for fiberglass inground pools. You need to first drain the pool before using the kit. With the pool drained, here’s what to do: 
  1. Sand the cracked area
  2. Cut deep into the crack with a saw
  3. Fill up the crack with hydraulic cement
  4. Apply bond coat around the surface
  5. Apply mixed polyester putty
  6. Sand the putty after it has cured completely
  7. Apply the fiberglass layer

For Structural Cracks

  • Use a grinder and pool plaster. You’ll need to drain the pool entirely for this project. Here’s what to do:
  1. Remove some of the hydrostatic relief plugs
  2. Widen the crack using a 4-inch grinder
  3. Make the crack damp
  4. Apply bonding additive to the wet crack
  5. Apply some hydraulic cement to cracks deeper than one inch
  6. Apply pool plaster to complete the job

Get Expert Help for Your Swimming Pool Cracks

If you have structural swimming pool cracks, it’s best to call the experts.

Contact the Clements Pool Services & Remodeling team in Mount Dora, FL, at (352) 735-4878 for speedy repairs. Are you looking for more swimming pool maintenance advice? Get your pool ready for the summer with these tips

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