Getting Pool Ready For Summer

6 Tips To Getting Pool Ready For Summer

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There is so much to do when getting your pool ready for summer. While you might be tempted just to jump in and cool off, that’s unwise. Instead, take time beforehand to ensure that your pool is clean and safe to use.

Diagnosing In-Ground Pool

You may need a reliable Eustis pool service and repair contractor to prepare your pool for summer. Clements Pool Services and Remodeling can help, offering pool water, equipment, and chemical expertise. Check out these six tips to prepare your pool for summer, and then schedule an appointment with our team. 

  1. Give Your Pool a Thorough Clean

Every pool owner should clean baskets, install or manage the filtration system, and remove anything left behind at the end of the last pool season, like plugs. Cleaning and maintaining a pool are essential factors in getting it ready for summer.

  1. Don’t Empty It Out

Emptying a pool, especially when it sits on a high water table, can require repair or a complete replacement. The water often provides the necessary weight, and without it, the pool could lift off the ground. You should only empty a pool when you have no other choice. 

  1. Have A Professional Test the Water

A professional can come to test your pool water, or you may be able to bring a small sample to the store. They can advise you on chlorine levels and which pool chemicals will work best for your water. They may suggest specific pool equipment if you inquire about it during the visit.

  1. Top Off The Water Level

You can expect that your pool will lose water during the winter and since you last used it. It is a good idea to top it off with more water, but you should clean the filter before you turn it on to prevent mixing dirty and clean water.

  1. Filter The Water Until Crystal Clear

You should clean and filter the water daily until it is clear. This can take up to a week, and you might need chlorine to get it crystal clear.

  1. Vacuum Leaves, Dirt, and Debris

The last tip for getting a pool ready for summer is to vacuum the pool floor for any debris, leaves, and dirt. Swimming in a pool full of debris isn’t just unpleasant; it’s a health hazard. Cover your pool when not in use or at the end of the season to prevent bugs, leaves, and other unwanted debris from getting in the water.

Coping Repair Techniques

Clements Pool Services and Remodeling for Your Pool Needs

When getting a pool ready for summer, you should maintain it year-round so it can last. Whether you have an above-ground pool or in-ground, Clements Pool Services and Remodeling can help with maintenance, repair, and remodeling. We can also install a whole new pool if that’s what you need.

Learn more about swimming pool size considerations when repairing or installing your pool with Clements Pool Services and Remodeling. We serve the Lake County area, so call us today at (352) 735-4878!

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