Pool Maintenance Signs You Should Watch Out For

May 21, 2022

Having a pool in your yard is a luxury that allows you to spend time outdoors even when the weather is unbearably hot. Owning a pool also provides opportunities to spend time with friends and family and improves your ability to host guests in the summer months. However, maintaining a pool also requires a lot of work; this article will cover some critical pool maintenance signs to watch out for as a pool owner.

Water Discoloration

The most apparent sign that it’s time for pool maintenance is the pool water color. If you notice that the water in your pool is greenish or tinted, it’s time to seek pool service. These pool maintenance signs can indicate that there is a chemical imbalance in the water or even that you have a failing water filter.

Pool water needs to stay at a stable chemical balance and PH level. Unfortunately, it’s challenging for homeowners to address this issue themselves. While dealing with discolored water can be difficult for homeowners, pool maintenance companies can address the problem quickly and affordably.

Cracks or Wear

Another vital pool maintenance sign is cracking or other damage inside the pool. Your pool holds a massive amount of water, so monitoring it for leaks is essential to protecting your investment in the pool and the rest of your property. When pools leak, they can damage the surrounding property or even destabilize the ground in your yard.

If you think your pool may be leaking, or you notice cracks that could lead to a leak in the future, it’s vital to seek professional assistance. Fortunately, Clements Pool Services, Eustis’s best pool service and repair company, can ensure your pool is in perfect condition.

Aging Grout

While not as vital as the other pool signs of damage on this list, aging grout can significantly detract from the aesthetic appeal of your pool. Over time, grout naturally reacts with the water and wears down, leading to cracking and discoloration. If left unresolved, this damage can eventually lead to leaks and creates an unappealing visual effect.

Working with a pool resurfacing company like Clements Pool Services can help you resolve this problem quickly while leaving your pool looking more stunning than before. Our goal is to help you turn your property ideas into reality without breaking the bank.

Expert Pool Services in Mount Dora, FL

If you’re dealing with one of the previously mentioned pool maintenance signs or any other issues with your pool, finding a reliable pool service company is essential. Clements Pool Services is the premier option for residents of Mount Dora, FL, and the surrounding area.

With years of experience providing pool resurfacing and repair for Florida home and pool owners, Clements Pool Services can ensure your pool is always clean and stunning. We use high-end equipment and meticulous attention to detail to produce exceptional results time and time again.

For more pool maintenance solutions or to learn more about pool maintenance, call Clements Pool Services at 352-735-4878 today.

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