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Pool Lighting System: Tips and Ideas

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A pool lighting system around your backyard water feature will transform it into a personal oasis. The illumination also makes your pool usable after sunset because the light will help you see where you’re walking. Pool lighting is about safety and creating a lovely ambiance for your swimming pool.

Pool lighting installation and Eustis pool resurfacing services by Clements Pool Services & Repair are the best way to get the swimming pool of your dreams. Here, our pool professionals detail some tips and ideas for a pool lighting system. 

1. Consider the Right Lighting for Your Pool

The type of lights you install on your pool walls and around the water feature can work to give your backyard a gorgeous nighttime aesthetic. Most homeowners choose LED pool lights because of their durability and energy efficiency. They are also available in many colors, so you can easily use LED lights to create a specific atmosphere around your pool. 

Other options include incandescent and halogen pool lights. Incandescent lights emit a pleasant natural glow but aren’t as popular as LEDs or halogens. Halogen bulbs are exceptionally bright, making them the perfect choice if you want your pool lighting system to illuminate your entire backyard. 

2. Turn Your Pool Into a Mirror

Water in your pool is reflective, and you can use that to your advantage when designing your swimming pool lighting. You can strategically incorporate lighting around your pool’s landscape to have it reflect off the water’s surface.

For instance, you can hang twinkling lights over the pool as a canopy to shine on the water and surrounding landscape. Another option is to incorporate lanterns around the pool’s edge or add lighting to outline a nearby wall. 

3. Use Your Landscape

A pool lighting system doesn’t necessarily mean you have to add lights directly into your pool walls. Instead, consider turning to your landscape for your pool’s illumination. 

You can use low-voltage lighting on your backyard’s trees, shrubs, and potted plants to give your backyard a soft glow that carries over to the swimming pool. You’ll not only have enough light for nighttime swimming, but you’ll also give your landscape a sculpted, well-manicured appearance.

Adding lights along the pool’s deck or backyard pathways will give the entire space a cozy atmosphere. The lights will also make you feel more secure about your backyard’s safety because you can see the area clearly at night.

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