do solar pool covers cause algae

Do Solar Pool Covers Cause Algae: What You Need to Know

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Solar pool covers can extend your swimming season by keeping your pool water warmer and have the added benefit of keeping debris and rain out of your pool when you’re not using it. But can pool covers do more harm than good?

Many pool owners wonder, “Do solar pool covers cause algae?” and unfortunately, the answer isn’t a simple yes or no. Read on to find out how solar covers can influence algae growth and what you can do about it. 

Why Pool Covers Can Accelerate Algae Growth

Solar covers will not cause an algal bloom in your pool. For existing algae growth in pools, having a cover can make the situation worse. Here are some of how covers may create conditions for algae growth:

  • Covers increase water temperature: Algae love warm water, so if you raise the temperature, you can expect any spores to thrive unless you take preventative measures. 
  • Pool covers can get dirty: If you don’t store your cover properly, you risk introducing algae spores and other debris into the pool when you put it on.
  • Misaligned pool covers don’t provide protection: Any gaps in the pool cover will provide space for debris, rain, and algae to enter the pool and start to grow.
  • Deteriorating solar covers add debris: Even the best solar blanket or pool cover will eventually deteriorate due to chlorine exposure. Regularly spraying off the cover with clean water will prevent chlorine damage and prevent a damaged cover from flaking off into the pool. 
  • Pool covers don’t allow for off-gassing: Most solar pool covers create an airtight seal that protects the pool from the environment. However, chlorine needs to evaporate. Regular off-gassing is essential to maintaining the right pH and chlorine level to stop algae growth. A pool cover that doesn’t allow air movement will affect the water chemistry and potentially allow algae to grow.

How a Solar Pool Covers Prevents Algae Growth

Solar covers prevent algae if you don’t have an existing infestation. Here are some of how covers protect your pool:

  • Stops debris from entering the pool: An effective pool cover will prevent spores or phosphates (algae food) from entering the water.
  • Easier to maintain pH: Rain can have a huge impact on your pool’s pH levels, so keeping it out makes it much easier to keep your pH level constant.
  • Prevents evaporation: The less evaporation, the less you’ll need to refill your pool. Refilling introduces pH imbalances, algal spores, and phosphates into your water; the less you need to do it, the better. 

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