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What You Need to Know About Glass Bead Blasting

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When your backyard swimming pool develops mineral deposits along the water line or algae starts to accumulate within the tile grout lines, glass bead blasting is one of the most effective ways to solve the problem. Although the idea of using anything glass around the pool might give you pause, hiring a pool service company to clean the tiles this way is safer than many other options. 

Continue reading to learn more about using glass beads to clean pool tiles and how it can help you maintain a sparkling clean and inviting swimming pool.

What is Glass Bead Blasting?

Even when you diligently clean your swimming pool and maintain the right balance of chemicals in the water, high heat, hard water, and unbalanced pH can cause buildup on pool tiles. Accumulated mineral deposits, chemical residue, dirt, and grime are not only unsightly but they can also permanently damage pool tiles. 

Glass bead blasting is a cleaning method that effectively eliminates contaminants from pool tiles, restoring their appearance and smooth finish. The process is similar to sandblasting, but instead of sand, pool service technicians blast small, soft glass beads or crushed glass at high pressure to eliminate corrosion and buildup to give the tiles a shiny satin finish and a uniform surface.

The process is faster and more effective than scrubbing or pumice stone cleaning, less abrasive than using an angular media like sand, and less caustic than adding chemical cleaners. 

The Benefits of Cleaning Your Pool with Glass Beads 

Using glass beads to clear pool tiles offers several advantages to pool owners. 


Technicians use glass beads made from soda lime-type glass, which does not contain silica, arsenic, or lead. Not only are the beads themselves safe, but they also don’t add any unwanted chemicals or contaminants to the environment. You don’t need to worry about the common health effects, like respiratory illness, associated with other cleaning methods. 

The beads are also non-damaging to a wide range of pool surfaces, including pebbles and stone. Unlike chemical or acid cleaning, the beads don’t cause tiles to fade, and the gentle abrasion does not cause scratches or cracking. 

Protects the Environment

Chemical-free pool cleaning with glass beads keeps toxic contaminants out of your pool and the environment. It’s also possible to use the glass beads multiple times, making them a more eco-friendly option.

Easy Cleanup

After cleaning the pool tiles with glass beads, the technicians easily clean them up with a vacuum. The beads don’t affect the water chemistry or balance, so you don’t need to worry about testing and adding chemicals to the water after the cleaning. It also costs less to clean up the beads than to re-balance the water after a chemical cleaning.

Attractive Appearance

Deep cleaning can restore your pool’s appearance and make it look new again. Taking care of the tiles prevents damage to the grout that can lead to expensive repairs. It also helps extend the pool’s lifespan and keep it safe and inviting for your family and friends. 

How to Clean a Swimming Pool with Glass Beads 

When you hire a pool service for glass bead blasting, the trained technicians use special equipment to shoot a stream of tiny glass beads at the pool tiles. The process starts with preparing the pool area for cleaning. This includes ensuring that no one is present around the pool area and removing pool toys, furniture, and other items to prevent damage. The beads can damage metal surfaces on pool furniture, for example, so it’s important to move anything you want to protect from the blast.

The next step is lowering the water level to access the tiles. The crew will drain the pool water to about six inches below the tile line to ensure a thorough cleaning. In most cases, the technicians can clean the tiles thoroughly within a few hours, depending on the size of your pool. 

Only professionals should perform this type of pool cleaning. Although the beads are safe, performing the work requires specialized training to use the equipment correctly and avoid accidental damage or injury. 

When to Schedule Pool Tile Cleaning 

Chances are, if you think your pool could benefit from deep cleaning, it’s time to schedule one. Regularly removing limescale and other buildup from the pool tiles ensures their longevity and that your pool always looks its best. 

Make an appointment for a professional pool cleaning if:

  • You have hard water.
  • You have to frequently adjust the water to lower high pH.
  • You notice limescale or calcium deposits on the tiles at the water line. 
  • The pool tiles feel gritty.
  • The pool tiles appear faded, dull, or dirty, and regular scrubbing doesn’t improve the appearance.
  • Algae start growing in the grout lines. 

The professional cleaning process eliminates all unwanted buildup and grime from the pool tiles, leaving them shiny, smooth, and attractive. The only notable drawback to this type of cleaning is that the results don’t last as long as other methods. Glass beads are gentler on the tiles, so you may need to schedule more frequent deep cleanings to maintain the results. 

Let Clements Pool Services & Remodeling Clean and Restore Your Pool Tile

Regardless of the type of pool finish you have, regular deep cleaning and pool care are critical to keeping it in the best condition. Staining and mineral buildup can make your pool look dirty and unsafe, even when you invest time and money into keeping the water perfectly clear and balanced. 

Clements Pool Services & Remodeling can help you maintain a pristine and welcoming backyard oasis with professional pool cleaning and care. Our experienced technicians can help you with all your pool maintenance needs, from water testing and chemical balancing to deep cleaning. If you want to know more about glass bead blasting and how it can restore your pool tiles, call (352) 735-4878 to see how we can help you with Lake County pool services. 

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