Can Pool Algae Make You Sick? Should You Worry?

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Have you ever asked yourself, “Can pool algae make you sick?” Refreshing swimming pools quickly become biohazards under certain conditions. Abundant amounts of algae can invite harmful contaminates into your inground or above-ground pools. 

Contaminated water poses a serious health risk for homeowners. Removing algae in pools protects your family and friends from harmful bacteria and requires the help of pool maintenance professionals. Contact pool experts in Lake County for help ridding your pool of green algae. 

Understanding the Risks of Pool Algae 

Algae is an incredible organism that produces over 70% of Earth’s oxygen and helps feed every variety of underwater life. However, it can also wreak havoc in pools. 

Oxygen-rich strains of algae provide the perfect feeding ground for mold and bacteria. Mold and bacteria spores feed on algae, create chloramines from chlorine levels in pools, and significantly reduce water quality in pools. Additional risks of swimming in pool algae include the following: 

Eye Infections 

Eye infections commonly occur in those who swim in contaminated water. Certain eye infections, such as blepharitis, pink eye, and conjunctivitis, occur when harmful bacteria enter the eyelid, optic nerve, and cornea. Eye infections can cause eye watering, sensitivity to light, difficulty focusing, and the perpetual feeling of a grain of sand in your eye. 

Bacterial Infections 

Anyone swimming in pool algae should use extreme caution. If you still wonder, “Can pool algae make you sick?” remember that sickness includes severe medical conditions. For example, the bacteria feeding on algae can enter exposed cuts and wounds, spreading dangerous infections within your body. 

Cryptosporidium, legionella, and norovirus commonly inflict those swimming in pool algae. Small children, the elderly, and anyone with preexisting medical conditions should avoid swimming in algae pools. You should also seek medical attention immediately if you’ve contracted a bacterial infection from algae in a pool. 

Rashes and Skin Infections 

Some of the most common skin rashes caused by swimming in algae include the following: 

  • Cyanobacterial rash
  • Pseudomonas rash
  • Hot tub folliculitis
  • Swimmer’s itch 

If you notice redness, irritation, itching, or pain in your skin after swimming in a pool, seek medical attention right away. Bacteria spores living on your skin can reproduce and cause further medical complications. Treatments for algae skin rashes include topical corticosteroids, soothing calamine lotions, and antibiotics to help kill infections. 

So, can pool algae make you sick? Absolutely, so always use caution before recklessly jumping into uncleaned pools during the summer.

A quick dip in a refreshing pool can become a long trip to the hospital without taking the proper precautions. Pool care experts in Florida can help you prepare your pool for summertime fun! 

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Can pool algae make you sick? Yes, but professionals can help keep your pool water clean and healthy. 

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