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Eight Essential Questions To Ask a Pool Contractor

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Building a pool is too much to handle for even the savviest homeowners who love DIY projects. When the time comes to build the backyard pool of your dreams, you should find a contractor who can see your vision. 

Finding a trustworthy pool contractor with time for your project can be hard. If you know some questions to ask a pool contractor, you can quickly determine which one best suits your needs. 

Clements Pool Services and Remodeling is Lake County’s pool service company you can count on. We offer swimming pool maintenance and custom pool construction. If you have an outdated pool that needs a new life, we offer remodeling surfaces to make it seem almost new. 

There are a lot of questions you can ask during your search for a pool contractor. The following are a few:

1. How Long Have You Been in Business?

Just because a contractor has only been in business for a few years doesn’t mean they don’t offer quality service. There is no magic number that makes someone a better choice than another. The longer someone has been in business, the more opportunities they have had to build a variety of pools.

You should always choose a contractor with prior experience building the type of pool you want to install. An inexperienced pool contractor may charge less for pool installation, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Saving money on initial installation may mean extra repair costs due to low-quality workmanship.

2. Do You Have Examples of Your Past Work?

An experienced pool contractor should have a portfolio of their work. Showing previous projects increases trustworthiness and allows you to see the types of pool design the contractor enjoys most. A reputable contractor will gladly provide a portfolio and references. 

While some contractors may have a few designs to choose from, an experienced contractor will get your dream pool specifications on paper and create exactly what you want. 

3. What Customization Options Do You Offer?

When looking over past works, you can discuss customization options, like water features or a slide. 

Some pool contractors may even build an outdoor kitchen for maximum summer luxury. A quality contractor will feel excited about taking on a custom project. 

Discuss the shape you want for your pool. Not all pools are rectangular. If you want a pool with a unique shape or another custom feature, choose a contractor who likes to think outside the box. 

A custom pool is a big investment. Meet with contractors until you find one who can do the work you want.

4. Do You Have Good Reviews?

A reputable company will have ample online reviews. Verified reviews will show you the best and the worst parts of working with any contractor. Take reviews seriously, but draw your own conclusion about the best contractor for your needs. 

5. What Repair Services and Warranty Do You Offer?

The contract should include a section about the warranty. Read through the details to know exactly what the warranty covers—and what it does not. If a contractor does not offer a warranty, you are responsible for any repairs and maintenance from when they finish construction. 

Some contractors provide maintenance for their completed projects. Talk through the service and warranty terms before signing a contract. 

6. Are You Insured?

One of the most important questions to ask a pool contractor is whether they have insurance. If you work with an uninsured contractor, you, as a homeowner, are responsible for any injury that occurs during construction. 

While homeowner’s insurance may cover injuries that occur, it will raise your premiums. A trustworthy contractor will have an insurance policy that does not leave you financially responsible for construction site accidents. 

7. Do You Offer a Payment Schedule?

The typical payment structure in the pool installation industry involves paying when they finish each construction phase. Some contractors may require a large upfront deposit. Choose a contractor who offers a payment schedule you feel comfortable with. 

You should request an itemized bill for each construction phase so you can see the total for parts and labor.

You may find it difficult to find a contractor who offers financing options themselves. They may, however, work with a handful of lenders who offer loans or other financing options. 

8. What Is the Timeline To Complete the Project?

Pool installation is a significant construction project. It takes hours of labor and heavy machinery. When you discuss completion time with a contractor, giving the team more time than necessary will result in a less stressful experience for all involved. 

Fully discuss the timeline with the contractor so you don’t sign a contract with someone who doesn’t have enough time for your pool construction. 

Before you decide on a contractor, make sure they can complete the work within your desired timeline. A smaller company may not have the infrastructure to handle several projects at a time. 

If a contractor has projects booked several months in the future, the finished product may not come when you want. During peak season, it may be hard to meet with a contractor at all.

Keep in mind that even the best construction team may experience delays. Whether it’s back-ordered material or inclement weather, expect the possibility of a delayed finish date.

Family-owned Pool Services

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Now you know some important questions to ask a pool contractor. The Clements Pool Services and Remodeling team can answer any additional inquiries and offer helpful tips on when you need pool maintenance in Lake County, FL. Call us at 352-735-4878, and let’s discuss how we can give you the pool of your dreams.

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