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Welcome to Clements Pool Services and Remodeling, your premier Grand Island Pool Company, FL. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality pool services in Grand Island, ensuring your pool area is not just functional but a delightful retreat for you and your family. From resurfacing to regular maintenance, our team is equipped to handle all your pool needs with professionalism and excellence.

Explore the variety of services we offer at Clements Pool Services and Remodeling, designed to keep your pool in pristine condition:

  • Pool Resurfacing in Grand Island: Upgrade the look and feel of your pool with our resurfacing services. We offer a selection of high-quality materials like quartz, pebble, and glass beads, ensuring your pool not only looks fantastic but lasts for years.
  • Pool Renovation in Grand Island: Whether you’re looking to modernize your pool or enhance its features, our renovation services are tailored to meet your specific requirements, providing you with a customized pool experience.
  • Pool Repair in Grand Island: Our skilled technicians are on call to address and repair any issues you may encounter with your pool. From fixing leaks to repairing pumps, we ensure your pool operates smoothly all year round.
  • Pool Service in Grand Island: Regular maintenance is key to a healthy and inviting pool. Our comprehensive pool service includes everything from chemical balancing to cleaning and inspections, safeguarding your pool’s optimal condition.

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Ready to transform your pool into the perfect oasis? Contact Clements Pool Services and Remodeling, the trusted Grand Island Pool Company in Florida. Call us at (352) 735-4878 or email for a personalized consultation or to receive a custom quote. Let us help you enjoy a beautiful and worry-free pool experience!

      Welcome to the Art of Pool Perfection

      In the heart of Grand Island Pool Company, Clements Pool Services and Remodeling emerges as more than just a service provider; we are the architects of your aquatic dreams. As the pinnacle of pool resurfacing, renovation, and repair, our mission transcends the ordinary. We pledge to transform your outdoor space into a sanctuary of bliss and beauty, where each ripple in the water reflects our dedication to excellence and innovation.

      Crafting Excellence with Every Stroke

      Clements Pool Service, Resurfacing, Renovation, and Repair are celebrated not just for our services but for the stories of transformation we leave behind. Our essence lies in our unparalleled expertise, a testament to years of nurturing pools back to their glory and beyond. We are not just contractors; we are custodians of your peace and leisure, committed to curating bespoke aquatic experiences that resonate with your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

        Services Sculpted for Elegance and Efficiency

        Bespoke Pool Resurfacing & Renovation

        • Venture into the realm of custom Grand Island Pool Company with our resurfacing and renovation services. From the sleek allure of quartz to the rustic charm of pebble and the radiant shimmer of glass bead surfaces, our palette is diverse and designed to fulfill your vision.

        Precision Pool Repair

        • Embrace the assurance of enduring quality with our comprehensive repair services. We address the spectrum of pool concerns, ensuring each solution fixes the issue and enhances the pool’s overall integrity and appeal.

        Meticulous Pool Service

        • Entrust your pool’s upkeep to our masterful hands. Our Grand Island Pool Company is a testament to our commitment to maintaining your pool’s pristine condition. We focus on meticulous care that guarantees safety, cleanliness, and uninterrupted enjoyment.

        Clements Difference: Grand Island Pool Company

      • Choosing Clements means investing in a legacy of aesthetic elegance and structural resilience. Our resurfacing and renovation projects are not mere tasks but missions to infuse your pool with a new soul, ensuring it stands as a testament to timeless beauty, functionality, and minimal upkeep. Witness the rebirth of your pool as we apply our expertise to enhance its character and longevity.
      • A Symphony of Collaboration and Innovation

      • Your pool is a canvas, and your vision is our blueprint. Our approach is deeply rooted in collaboration, ensuring that every nuance of your dream pool is brought to life with precision and passion. We engage in a harmonious symphony of ideas, blending your desires with our expertise to create a masterpiece that is as unique as you are.
      • Embark on Your Pool Transformation Journey

        Imagine a pool that transcends the boundaries of ordinary existence, becoming a cornerstone of memories, relaxation, and aesthetic pleasure. This vision is within reach with Clements Pool Services and Remodeling. Reach out today to begin crafting your aquatic masterpiece, and let us elevate your pool experience to the realm of extraordinary. Dive into the Clements experience, where every project is a journey of transformation tailored to reflect your ultimate vision of pool perfection. Contact us now to start your adventure.

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    What unique benefits does pool resurfacing offer?

    Pool resurfacing breathes new life into your aquatic space, enhancing its visual appeal, structural integrity, and even water quality. It provides a rejuvenated backdrop for your leisure and gatherings.

    When should I consider a pool makeover?

    Consider a makeover when your pool shows signs of wear, such as cracks, stains, or outdated aesthetics, or when you’re ready to infuse new energy and style into your outdoor living space.

    How does Clements integrate energy efficiency into pool renovations?

    We leverage the latest in pool technology and materials to enhance your pool’s energy efficiency, from automated systems to eco-friendly pumps and heaters, reducing your environmental footprint and operational costs.

    Why choose Clements over other Grand Island pool companies?

    Our distinction lies in our personalized approach, our commitment to excellence, and our innovative solutions that ensure your pool is not just renovated but transformed into a masterpiece of leisure and beauty.