how to remove algae stains from pool walls

How to Remove Algae Stains From Pool Walls: Complete Removal Guide

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If you notice green or black stains on your pool walls, you might have pool algae. Algae is a single-celled organism that contains chlorophyll. Unlike plants, it is non-flowering and doesn’t have stems, leaves, or roots.

On their own, algae are harmless, but when they multiply inside your swimming pool, they can create stains, dirty water, and an unpleasant swimming environment. The most common type of algae that affects swimming pools is green algae. Algae growth in pools is quite common, but thankfully, there are steps you can take to remove it.

Knowing how to remove algae stains from pool walls can help you restore your pool’s beautiful blue hue.

6 Steps to Remove Algae Stains

Pool owners can take several basic steps to remove the type of stains algae cause on pool surfaces. If the pool has an organic stain or the pool ladders have metal stains from the algae, apply a small amount of chlorine directly onto the stain.

Use the additional steps below when you’re wondering how to remove algae stains from pool walls.

1. Check and Restore the Water’s pH

Testing the pool’s chemical level is the first step in removing algae stains. The pool should have a pH level that ranges from 7.2 to 7.8 for a healthy acidic and alkaline balance. 

2. Make Sure the Pump Is On

The algae in your pool will grow rapidly in standing water. Turning the pump on keeps the water flowing and prevents the algae from spreading as quickly. The water pump circulates the water and cleanses the filters. 

3. Use a Net to Clean the Pool

Use a net to clear out algae residue, leaves, sticks, and debris from the pool. This may require going to the bottom of the pool to get all of the debris that has been collecting there.

4. Brush the Pool

Brushing the pool removes algae that have collected on the swimming pool walls and floor. Make sure to brush all areas of the pool and the surrounding ladders, steps, walls, corners, and flooring. 

5. Vacuum the Pool Floor and Walls

Vacuuming the pool is the next step after making certain that all of the larger debris is gone. You can use a standard pool vacuum to remove any algae and small specs of dirt and debris. Using a quality vacuum cleaner and completing the process manually is key when cleaning algae stains from your pool. 

6. Add Algaecide

Adding an algaecide pool cleaner to the pool water helps eliminate any spores that may be growing in the pool. The algaecide kills new spores to prevent future algae growth from taking over the pool water.

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