How Often Should You Shock Your Pool?

March 22, 2022

To maintain and sanitize your pool, it will need the occasional shock. Here, we will answer the question, “how often should you shock your pool,” and other pool maintenance steps to take before calling a professional.

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What is Pool Shock?

A pool offers hours of fun in the sun and can significantly improve the quality of your health and lifestyle. However, as a pool owner, you need to regularly shock your pool to keep it clean and sanitized.

Pool shock is a special chlorine or oxidizer solution that helps raise the pool’s free chlorine levels to kill bacteria in the water. Shock can be chlorinated or non-chlorinated, and you can buy it in liquid or granular form. Be careful when using shock, as it is similar to bleach and can damage your clothes.

Chlorinated Shock

Chlorinated pool shock comes in liquid form and dissolves quickly in the pool to provide a massive dose of chlorine that kills algae growth and bacteria.

Non-Chlorinated Shock

Non-chlorinated pool shock is a granular oxidizer that attacks organic contaminants (like bacteria and algae) in the water and raises the pool’s chlorine levels to sanitize the water. Unlike chlorine shock, you need to pre-dissolve the granular form in water before pouring it into the pool.

How to Shock Your Pool

Pour or sprinkle shock around the perimeter of your pool. Use two pounds of shock for every 10,000 gallons of water in your pool for the right amount of chemicals to treat it effectively. Then, wait for 24 to 48 hours for the chemicals to run through the pool’s water and cleanse it thoroughly.

How Often Should You Shock Your Pool

You should shock the pool at least once a week to keep your water clean and free of contaminants. Shocking the pool at sundown when the pool filter is running will ensure the shock is filtered thoroughly in the pool. How often you shock your pool also depends on your usage. Certain instances include:

  • At the beginning or end of the season
  • After pool parties
  • After heavy rain

Your pool’s pH level is a good indicator of how often you should shock your pool. For example, if the pH level is anywhere between 7.2 and 7.4, it’s time to shock your pool.

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