What Pool Resurfacing in Eustis Means!

November 23, 2020

You might have heard about pool resurfacing and remodeling discussed interchangeably when speaking about updating your aging pool. But is there a difference? The answer is yes, there is, though it is a technical difference rather than a definitive one. A pool remodeling can include resurfacing, but you don’t need a full remodel to resurface a pool. And in most cases, it might not be necessary to do a full-blown remodel and renovation. To get a better understanding of what pool resurfacing in Eustis entails, we will go ahead and break it down, so you can have a better idea of the process and how it can help liven up your pool.

Pool Resurfacing

When it comes to pool resurfacing, it is how it sounds: it is the act of updating the old surface of your pool or replacing it with a new one. You’d do this for a number of reasons, both in terms of functionality and aesthetic. Let’s say your pool is getting up there in age. Time is a strong and unstoppable force, and no matter how much care you give your swimming pool, it will give in to time–and the surface of your pool will be one of those parts to give in.

An aging pool surface can look permanently dirty and outdated, along with possible cracks and unwanted leaks. A resurfaced pool can mend both of these issues. Resurfacing a pool can modernize your look and give it that protective sheen that would extend its life for years to come. So pool resurfacing might not involve replacing or upgrading pool equipment, like a full pool remodeling does, but it can do wonders for your pool. Resurfacing your pool is a good idea, thanks in large part to the advancement in resurfacing technology.

Different Surfaces

There are plenty of surfaces you can get for your pool. Clements offers a few of the best pool surfaces the industry has to offer. Here is a small sneak peek at each of the surfaces we provide!

Quartz Surface

Created through a combination of quartz crystals and cement, this surface provides a water-resistant surface and a beautiful shiny sheen.

Pebble Surface

The pebbles on this surface are hand-selected and combined with other aggregates to create a durable finish. A pebble surface has excellent traction making it a wonderful surface for very active swimmers.

Glass Bead Surface

This surface is gorgeous thanks to its striking, rounded glass beads. The glass beads are mixed with standard pool finish materials and make for a shining mosaic look. With picturesque beauty and durability, glass beads surfaces are amongst the best we have to offer.

Now that you can see the potential that replacing the surface for your favorite summertime spot can bring, consider having your pool resurfaced by the best resurfacing company in Eustis: Clements Pool Services and Supplies!

About Clements

In operation since 2005, Clements Pool Services & Repair has been proudly providing the Eustis community and the greater Lake County area with excellent pool resurfacing services! Misty and her husband Mark, a retired Law Enforcement Officer, created Clements to provide excellent services and quality products for all of your pool needs. Clements is the best choice for your pool maintenance and services in Eustis, Florida.

Misty Clements

About Misty Clements

Misty Clements is the owner of Clements Pool Services & Remodeling. She and her husband have built Clements Pools to be a leader in the pool industry in the Lake County area. They offer pool service, pool remodeling, pool automation, and more.