Pool Resurfacing & Renovation Company

With proper care and maintenance, your pool will last for years as your premier summer fun spot, but time is a powerful force that will eventually wreak havoc on your pool. We are a professional pool resurfacing company and pool renovation company within the Lake County area. Whether you are looking to restore your pool to its former beauty or convert it into a more modern look, Clements will be ready and able to achieve your vision!

Dealing in quartz, pebble, and glass beads, Clements will be able to fit your vision of a great and newly resurfaced pool.

Pool Surfaces

Clements is a pool resurfacing company that is aware that everyone has different tastes and visions for what their pool resurfacing should look like. We have an eclectic selection of surfaces to choose from with each varying in texture, style, strength, and durability.

Quartz Surface

Quartz is a combination of quartz aggregate and polymer-modified cement As a mix of cement, marble dust, and other fortifying components that give it strength and water resistance, quartz is an aesthetically pleasing and reliable route to go. Its beauty is given by the use of quartz in the mixture.

Pebble Surface

A pebble surface is a blend of hand-selected, durable pebbles and other aggregates that provide a durable finish and adds a much-needed touch of traction for the active pool-goer. An incredibly strong pool surface, a pebble surface can give your pool long-lasting beauty and durability.

Glass Bead Surface

A combination of standard pool finish materials and rounded glass beads, a glass bead surface has a beautiful and striking mosaic look. Durable and reliable like our other finishes, glass beads provide an alluring look that is bound to catch anyone’s eye and make your favorite summer spot a pleasant place to be.

Pool Renovation

Your pool surface isn’t the only factor to worry about with your aging pool. Over time your pool will require more frequent maintenance and servicing but even then cracks might develop, equipment might fail and parts will start to wear down. As a professional pool renovation company, we take care of these other factors that might contribute to loss of efficiency and operation of your pool.

Our experts can take care of cracks, aged equipment, water leaks, and much more. Here at Clements, you can rely on us to renovate and reinvigorate your pool!


Frequently Asked Questions

A few signs indicate your pool may need resurfacing. These include:
1. Visible cracks, chips, or peeling of the pool's surface.
2. Rough or abrasive texture on the pool walls and floor.
3. Stains that are difficult to remove.
4. Excessive water loss due to leaks.
5. Discoloration or fading of the pool's surface.
6. Outdated or worn-out appearance.
If you notice any of these signs, it's advisable to have a professional pool technician inspect your pool to determine if resurfacing is necessary.

After pool resurfacing, you can expect several positive outcomes:
1. Enhanced aesthetics: Your pool will have a fresh, clean, and visually appealing surface that revitalizes its appearance.
2. Improved durability: The new surface provides better resistance against cracks, stains, and other forms of damage, increasing the lifespan of your pool.
3. Smoother texture: The resurfaced pool will have a smooth, comfortable feel, ensuring a more enjoyable swimming experience.
4. Easier maintenance: The new surface will be easier to clean and maintain, requiring less effort and reducing the need for frequent repairs.

Pool resurfacing is essential for several reasons:
1. Safety: Resurfacing eliminates cracks, rough spots, and other surface imperfections that can cause injuries to swimmers.
2. Longevity: By addressing issues early and maintaining the integrity of the pool's surface, resurfacing helps prolong the lifespan of the pool.
3. Aesthetics: Resurfacing gives your pool a fresh, updated look, enhancing the overall appearance of your backyard or outdoor space.
4. Value: A well-maintained and visually appealing pool can increase the value of your property if you decide to sell in the future.

The cost of pool resurfacing can vary depending on factors such as the size of the pool, the type of finish or material chosen, the extent of repairs required, and the location. It is best to contact a pool resurfacing company for a personalized quote based on your specific pool and renovation needs.

1. Upgraded features: Renovating your pool allows you to add modern and energy-efficient equipment, such as pumps, filters, and heaters, which can improve the pool's functionality and save on operating costs.
2. Personalization: Renovation provides an opportunity to customize your pool according to your preferences, whether it's adding water features, changing the shape or depth, or incorporating new finishes and materials.
3. Structural integrity: A renovation can address any structural issues or damage to the pool, ensuring its long-term stability and safety.
4. Increased enjoyment: A renovated pool with updated features and a fresh look can enhance your swimming experience and create a more inviting space for relaxation and entertainment.

Yes, many issues with swimming pools can be repaired. Whether it's fixing leaks, repairing cracks, replacing malfunctioning equipment, or addressing surface


Pool Resurfacing & Pool Renovation in Lake County

Clements expertise for pool resurfacing is available to anyone in Lake County, Florida. With years of experience and resurfacing knowledge, we would be happy to resurface any pool in these areas:


  • Astatula
  • Eustis
  • Grand Island
  • Howey In The Hills
  • Leesburg
  • Mount Dora
  • Mount Plymouth
  • Sorrento
  • Tavares
  • Umatilla
  • Yalaha