Pool Resurfacing in Mount Dora: The Steps

April 30, 2021

Summer is right around the corner, meaning plenty of pool days ahead for you, your family, and your friends. But is your pool ready? Your swimming pool might be showing signs, like cracks and stains. Signs like that mean you are reaching the end of life for your pool surface. To get your pool summer ready again, you should consider having your pool resurfaced by a licensed professional, like Clements Pool Services & Remodeling. How might pool resurfacing in Mount Dora look like? Let’s take a look!

Steps To Pool Resurfacing In Mount Dora

Drain the Pool

First, we drain the pool. We will use a submersible pump and remove all the water to start the process of resurfacing.

Prep pool

To prep the pool for the new surface, we must sandblast the original surface material off. This step is by far the loudest part of the process, and dust will be flying, but we are experts at keeping your backyard safe.

Seal the pool

Now we seal the pool. Sealing the pool makes it watertight and readies the swimming pool so we can apply your new pool surface.

Installing Your New Pool Surface

Now, this is where your new pool surface comes into play. Whether it’s tile, pebble, or quartz, the process is about the same. Applying the new surface takes about two days, in which case your new, revitalized pool will take shape!

Clean debris

Pool resurfacing is a messy process, but once we’re done, we’ll clean up and remove any debris left behind. Trust us, we’ll be leaving it looking just as it did before the whole resurfacing process started!

Refill the pool

Now that everything is clean and your new pool surface is properly settled, we can refill the pool!

Treat the water

Once the water level hits just about the middle of your waterline tile, we will treat the water to make it chemically balanced.

And then we are finished!

Here are some additional questions asked about the process and pool resurfacing in Mount Dora.

How Long Does It Take?

This is a very common question. The process we laid out here can take five to seven days. A lot of that is spent on the prep and cleanup. The actual resurfacing—installing your new pool surface—takes just about two days. There are variables in play, such as the size of the pool.

Does My Pool Really Need Resurfacing?

Your pool could be showing its age but not necessarily need a resurfacing. Proper maintenance can keep your surface healthy and nearly pristine for quite some time. But there will be a point where you need a new pool surface. Here is a list of signs that your pool surface might be reaching its limit:

  • Cracks
  • Stains
  • Leaks
  • Chalky Residue

If your pool surface has two or more of these attributes, then it is time to have a pool expert like Clements, resurface your pool!

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