Tavares Pool Resurfacing Company

Tavares Pool Resurfacing Company

New pool trends come and go, while others are timeless. Currently, there are unique ways you can give your pool a makeover. Many people opt for pool resurfacing to improve their old swimming pools or give it a new look. If you are searching for the top Tavares pool resurfacing company, we can help. At Clements Pool Services & Supplies, we are unbeaten in everything pool maintenance. Our crew is experienced and extensively trained, and we always ensure we deliver unsurpassed services.

How Pool Resurfacing Works-A Short But Complete Guide

Pool resurfacing is more than aesthetics. If done properly, it can save you from future costly repairs. If you’re considering pool resurfacing in Yalaha, it would be best to research and know how the process works. Here is how pool resurfacing works.

Step 1: We will start by draining your pool before turning it off and all the electrical attachments.

Step 2: Next, we will get rid of the old materials on the surface of your pool. Prior to doing so, we’ll request you to move patio furniture and anything else close to the pool to a different location. There are various methods we use to remove the surface, including sandblasting. After every workday, we’ll remove the debris to keep the work area well-organized.

Step 3: Before our pool and spa professionals in Mount Sorrento, FL commence with tile installation and finish the masonry work, you will need to decide on the ledger stone, tile, and various ornamental features you would like added.

Step 4: This involves sealing and inspecting plumbing lines. We will make sure the plumbing material is watertight, and once we are done, we’ll clean the shell of your pool.

Step 5: We will proceed to install the finish material. This is the point where you begin to notice significant improvements in your pool.

Step 6: Our swimming pool contractors in Sorrento, FL, will give your pool an acid wash depending on the finish. If you have chosen finishes like pebble, hydrazzo, or beadcrete, they will need an acid wash to ensure longevity. Once the work is done, the next step is a thorough clean up of the pool area before adding water to your swimming pool.

Step 7: In this final step, we will come in for water treatment. A few applications are essential in the first week and thereafter. Our aftercare services entail monitoring your pool to make sure everything is okay, including curing. Curing is crucial to any resurfacing job as it helps extend the lifespan of your pool surface and maintain your pool aesthetic appeal. Apart from pool resurfacing in Sorrento, we are also experts in remodeling. So, don't hesitate to contact us for pool repairs and maintenance in Sorrento, FL.

Leading Pool Resurfacing Company At Your Service

We endeavor to provide the best pool repair services to all our clients. We’re grateful for the trust put in us and work diligently to satisfy your specific needs. If you are looking for a reputable Tavares pool resurfacing company, do not hesitate to call us. Contact Clements Pool Services & Supplies today on 352-735-4878.

Tavares Pool Resurfacing Company
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Tavares Pool Resurfacing Company
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Tavares Pool Resurfacing Company