Pool Resurfacing Eustis

Pool Resurfacing Eustis

When it comes to pool resurfacing, if your pool is in-ground and coated with tile, pebble, plaster, or fiberglass, the new surface can't go over the existing one. The existing surface has to be prepared for a new coat by either hydroblasting the old surface or chipping out the old plaster, then sandblasting and bond coating it. After properly preparing the surface, you can apply the finish coat. If your swimming pool looks quite faded and tired, or worse, has leaks, pits, or blisters, it may be time to consider enlisting the services of a reputable Eustis pool resurfacing company.
At Clements Pool Services & Supplies, we’re experts in pool resurfacing. We stay up-to-date with new code requirements, practices, and techniques to ensure that every pool we resurface is of unsurpassed quality.

 Best Practices for Pool Resurfacing

A swimming pool is exposed to so many things that cause aging even to the most durable materials. Sunlight, pool chemicals, algae, bacteria, salts, and more— any pool is susceptible to degradation. Here are the best practices for ensuring your pool resurface gives you the results and durability you are after.

  • Consider the Weather

During the planning and application stages of your project, it’s vital to consider the weather. Epoxies require the right temperature and time to cure. Often, if temperatures fall below 10 degrees Celsius, epoxies stop curing. As such, if there are low temperatures at night, you will need more time between coats and also after the final coat before filling your pool. Otherwise, if epoxies get wet while curing, the water will discolor the coating and, worse, affect the integrity of the material. Thus, the ideal time for pool resurfacing is when temperatures are above 10 degrees Celsius, and there is no rain anticipated for about seven days or during summer

  • Prepare Well

The key to a successful resurfacing job lies in the preparation. Start by ensuring the pool shell is thoroughly cleaned. You can use a detergent wash or degreaser to get rid of years’ worth of accumulated oils and dirt. The shell will also need an acid wash to remove scales and salts. Finally, experts recommend a biocide treatment to kill and prevent future growth of bacteria and algae spores.

Why Hire Us for Your Pool Resurfacing Job?

At Clements Pool Services & Supplies, we offer the best pool repair services. What’s more, our mission is to deliver excellent workmanship and customer service. Our swimming pool contractors in Eustis, FL, are fully insured, licensed, and bonded. So, if you need pool resurfacing in Eustis, call us to get the job done right, done fast, at a price that will not put a dent in your wallet. Our pool and spa professionals in Eustis, FL, will work around your schedule to make your entire pool perfect again. Your pool is an investment, and you can trust us to help protect your investment.

No One Does Pool Resurfacing Like Us

We’re a premier Eustis pool resurfacing company with vast experience in renovating residential pools. Our aim is to bring your pool back to life while offering best in class services at a reasonable price. The driving force behind every project we undertake is customer satisfaction. For top of the line pool repairs and maintenance in Eustis, FL, contact Clements Pool Services & Supplies today at 352-735-4878.

Pool Resurfacing Eustis
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Pool Resurfacing Eustis
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Pool Resurfacing Eustis