Mount Plymouth Pool Resurfacing Company

Mount Plymouth Pool Resurfacing Company

Having a pool gives your home an aesthetic feel and look. Unfortunately, after several years, it can begin to show signs of wear and tear. And as a result, it appears beat and old. You can improve the status of your pool by hiring the best pool repair services in Mount Plymouth. Your pool can be due for resurfacing or remodeling if it has stains that are difficult to remove chalk-like residue, the surface develops a rough texture, or there are signs of cracks and leaks. If you notice these signs, it may be time to call our Mount Plymouth pool resurfacing company.

At Clements Pool Services & Supplies, we’re a leading company specializing in pool repairs and maintenance in Mount Plymouth, FL. We offer top of the line resurfacing and remodeling services to ensure your pool gets the makeover it deserves.

Pool Resurfacing Vs. Pool Remodeling

Pool resurfacing in Mount Plymouth is the process of applying a cement-based finish over an existing finish; thus, the term resurfacing. On the other hand, remodeling can entail re-tiling the entire swimming pool, adding or upgrading the lighting system, revamping the sun-shelf, painting the deck, or adding pavers.

Pool resurfacing is less expensive compared to remodeling—you don't have to spend extra re-tiling the entire pool. On the other hand, remodeling is costly since it involves several upgrades such as lighting, decking, and re-tiling. It takes approximately 1-2 weeks to complete a resurfacing project, while a remodel needs about 2-4 weeks to finish as long as the weather is favorable. Although pool remodeling is more expensive and takes longer, the upside is your pool will be as good as new.

Bear in mind that when contractors are resurfacing your pool, there will be considerable traffic that can result in scratches to your deck. So, it would be best if you paired resurfacing with deck painting.

Here’s why we are your go-to for all your pool resurfacing and remodeling needs

  • Top-Rated Team

All our pool and spa professionals in Mount Plymouth, FL, are extensively trained in pool repairs and maintenance. No project is too big or too small for us. Whether you want to completely restore your swimming pool or you’re interested in a resurfacing job, our seasoned crew will get the job done.

  • Consultation

We visit our clients’ homes and thoroughly assess their pools; we listen to their concerns and discuss the changes that are needed. If you are repairing your pool for the first time, our swimming pool contractors in Mount Plymouth, FL, will explain the difference between resurfacing and remodeling to ensure you make the right choice. We love to make pools feel and look the way you want them to, and we’re confident we can make your swimming pool look better than you ever imagined. We're always eager to discuss how we can work together to give you the pool of your dreams.

Top of the Line Pool Resurfacing and Remodeling Services

If you are searching for the best Mount Plymouth pool resurfacing company, we got you covered. When it comes to resurfacing and remodeling pools, our expertise is unexcelled, and when you work with us, you're assured of quality and satisfaction. Call Clements Pool Services & Supplies today for a free consultation on 352-735-4878.

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Mount Plymouth Pool Resurfacing Company