5 Benefits of a Salt Water Pool in Leesburg

January 6, 2021

When it comes to the standard pool in Leesburg you are talking about a chlorine pool. A chlorine pool uses chlorine tablets, sticks, or liquid to disinfect and keep your pool water nice and healthy. Chlorine pools are the industry standard and have served many pool owners well for a long time, but there is another option: salt water pools.

You might think that a salt water pool is like having a miniature ocean on your property, but it isn’t like that. A salt water pool, the industry name for a pool with a salt water chlorine generator, still keeps your pool clear and disinfected using chlorine, but how it does it is what makes it unique. Simply put, a salt water pool uses a chlorine generator that uses pool grade salt to create chlorine—hence the name salt water pool. The chlorine generator passes the salt through two plates charged by electricity, causing the salt molecules to split, and voila, you have chlorine.

There are quite a few benefits to having a salt water system produce your chlorine rather than using the classic chlorinating methods.

The Benefits to a Salt Water Pool

1. A Healthier Pool Experience

Though salt water pools still utilize chlorine to disinfect the water, its natural origin is far less harsh than the chemical chlorine used in traditional pools. A salt water chlorine generator is gentler on the skin and eyes, making it safer for long term use by children and active swimmers. The more moderate chlorine levels prevent it from causing your favorite swim trunks, bikini, or gear from fading. All this while still being able to keep the water disinfected and healthy.

2. No More Chlorine Smell

The chlorine smell of a traditional pool comes from chloramines, a chemical formed when the chlorine binds with particulates in the pool. Over time as you use the pool, the particulates from your body—like sweat and urine—will create chloramine and cause the unpleasant chlorine smell that might emanate from your pool. Salt water systems get rid of that problem. The regulated supply of natural chlorine prevents the over accumulation of chloramines preventing that harsh chemical smell.

3. Luxurious Water

What makes swimming pool water luxurious? Well, luxurious water is silky smooth, soft on the skin, and crystal clear. Pool water chlorinated by a salt water chlorine generator has all these attributes and is an absolute comfort to swim in. Swim in luxurious water and notice the smooth experience of the water against your skin—it is a truly gratifying experience.

4. Lower Costs

A salt water chlorine generator system is an upfront investment, but its many benefits and lower maintenance costs make it worthwhile. The salt used is practically high-quality table salt, which is cheaper to purchase than harsh chlorine chemicals that you would regularly buy for your traditional pool. The yearly cost of buying the salt needed to keep the system is hundreds of dollars lower than buying maintenance chemicals. As you rely on salt, and not chemicals, you are also not beholden to fluctuations in the chlorine industry, such as the increase of prices caused by natural disasters.

5. Less Maintenance

Chlorine generators require less maintenance than traditional automatic chlorinators—meaning more savings in the long run. Even though the salt water system requires less maintenance, it is a complex piece of machinery, requiring a licensed contractor with the appropriate knowledge and skill level to take care of your salt water system. Clements pool repair experts have the knowledge and skill to keep your salt water system going year after year.

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